If you like what I'm about, and would like to help me on my own personal journey..

Whether you are a brand looking to collaborate or sponsor me or just an individual who would like donate towards my IFBB Pro dream.. I'd love to hear from you! You can get in touch through the "Contact me" form.

Competing is a very expensive business, and I appreciate it is not everyone's cup of tea.. but if you are fan, a friend, or someone who just appreciates the hard work and dedication that goes into this and would like to help me towards my 2018 goals, then you can donate through the button above. All donations are very, very much appreciated! 

If you'd like to sponsor a particular element of my competing, whether it's my training fees, bikini, hair, flights or tan, I would be more than happy to mention you or your company in my social media posts too.

Thanks so much! As said all help is much appreciated!


Leo xx

Big thank you to my current Sponsors:


Muscle Elements

Currently I'm proud to say my BCAA's & Pre-workout are sponsored by Muscle Elements

Check out their range by visiting www.bodyologyshop.com and using code MEUK10 to save