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Jody Wright - Fitness Photographer

Best for - Detail and a shoot with a bit of artistic flair. Jody specialises in Fitness Photography as well as model photography and is great at capturing mood and detail (great if you are ripped).

Based down in Swindon, but frequents the fitness competitions as well as travelling internationally.

To see more of his work or contact him for a shoot, check him out on Instagram at @Jody_Wright1

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Faye Williams

I Love Faye! Faye is a Rapid Transformational Therapist, which is a rapid form of hypnotherapy. She specialises in fertility at her clinic, however Faye worked with me before I stepped on stage for Patriots Challenge in Las Vegas in July to help me with my stage nerves. One online session, getting the root of where my confidence issues came from and a recording of the session played in a quiet space on a daily basis has seen my confidence grow over the last 2 competitions. If you are struggling with this then I would highly recommend her.

Get in touch with Faye through her at


Who Is benjamin

This is not Benjamin ha ha This is me, but an example of his work. Best for Portrait, Instagram style photography, street style photography and natural light.

He's based down in Taunton and is very reasonably priced, a lovely soul and even his shoots feel like a mini holiday.

Check him out on Instagram at @WHOISBENJAMIN and DM him for a shoot