Fitness Qualifications

Level 3 Personal Trainer

Level 1 Strength & Conditioning Coach

Level 1 Powerlifting Coach

Certificate in Body Building Contest Prep

Emergency First Aid


Other Qualifications and experience

Social Media Marketing & Communications

Training and Development

Project Management

Events Management

Fashion & Photoshoot session styling


Competitive Placings

December 2018

IFBB Pro Qualifier - Shawn Rhoden Classic - Phillipines

3rd Place Bikini Open

August 2017

NPC - Sin City Showdown - Las Vegas

1st Place Bikini Masters 35+

3rd Place Bikini Open


July 2017

NPC - Patriots Challenge - Las Vegas

4th Place Bikini Novice


November 2016

Miss Galaxy Universe - Leicester

3rd Place Bikini Diva


About Me


I wasn't crazy about sports as a child. I didn't always know I was destined to work in fitness.. and I didn't dream of lighting up the stage in a sparkly bikini. Nope, if I'm honest I wanted to dig up dinosaurs as a child, I was obsessed with educating myself and ridiculously shy, and though fond of climbing trees that's where my athletic ambition ended. I came last in every cross country run, cried at every sports day - hell, I didn't even join a gym until my late 20's.

It took years of anxiety and depression, body issues, and then finally career burnout before I turned to fitness to try and plug this gaping hole in my life - rowing, kayaking, running, although nothing really stuck. It wasn't until my early 30's that I picked up a copy of "Men's health magazine" by accident and began playing around with the Deadlift.. and fell in love.

At first I experimented in my kitchen with a broom, next with some plastic weights my flatmate had discarded in the living room. Then there was the "women's area" in my local gym, and before long I was out there on the gym floor with the big guys trying to haul up 120kg (that's Arnold Schwartzenegger's competition body weight and 2 and a half times of mine)

All of a sudden I had a goal every day. I HAD TO BE BETTER THAN YESTERDAY. I had to get bigger, get stronger.. I had to learn the assistance moves, I had to study the pro's. I was excited to get out of bed. I had a reason to leave work on time. I didn't want to make myself ill in wine bars anymore and I wanted to fuel my body right. I felt like I'd found myself. And my new self had Abs! 

I am now 36 and a qualified Personal Trainer, Powerlifting coach, Body Building Contest Prep coach and a Bikini Athlete on the international stage. Society might think at my age that it's time to hang up my sparkly bikini - but I feel like I've only just begun.

Weightlifting has brought so much to my life. A new body, a new passion, new goals and hopes and dreams, and a new tribe of inspiring, driven strong people. But most of all a confidence that I never thought I'd have. I truly believe that fitness isn't a young person's game, you can fall head over heels in love with it at any age, and we all have an inner athlete inside us. 

I am passionate about getting women lifting, about inspiring and helping strong women to find their best self, achieve their goals and find the same inner confidence and fulfilment I have. About dispelling the myths that lifting makes you bulky, about challenging society on how women should be seen.

Strong IS the new sexy. It's the new black. Ladies.. you already own your best accessory. It's time now to shine!


Leonie West

Coach, Geek, Woman who lifts

Instagram @Leonie_West