Summer bodies are made in winter...
— Someone who probably lifts

Lifting might be my first love, but it doesn't have to be yours with this fully customised 12 week online coaching and plan. Get ready for summer with training that can be done either at home or in the gym, to suit your lifestyle. With nutrition coaching, meal plan options, and full support.

If you are a lifter though - sure we can do that too. 

Summer Body Package*

Full package worth £480

Current price £120!

(Can I get a whoop whoop?)


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12 Week Online bespoke package.*

  • Initial skype consultation to understand your goals, needs and lifestyle

  • 12 Week Customised Training plan

  • 12 Week Nutrition Coaching, Education and Meal plans

  • Check In's via Skype as needed

  • Tweaks to plans as necessary

  • Email support

Summer Body Training Plan.png

Customised Training Plan

No cookie cutter plans here!

Everything is tailor made for you, based on your preferences, ability, goals and access to resources. Work out at home or in the gym. It works around you.

Summer Body Nutrition Coaching.png

Nutrition Coaching

We'll work together towards your summer body goals through Education and Nutrition Coaching.

Flexible Customised Meal Plans and ideas provided too.

Summer Body Support.png

We got this! Full Support

You are not on your own. I'm here every step of the way, with email support and regular Skype check-ins you can be assured you have all the support you need and plans will remain relevant and in tune with you.

*Please note: 

All enrolments in Online coaching and Plans with me are subject to health screening questionnaire and Signature of client declaration