The mission

"Strong Women. For Stronger Women."


I am a fully qualified L3 Personal Trainer, Strength and Conditioning and Powerlifting Coach as well as Body Building Contest Prep Coach. I aim my services predominantly at women as I believe that is where I can add the most value.

I myself started in this business late in life. At 5' 2" and a naturally tiny size 6 it never ever crossed my mind to pick up weights and start lifting. As with most women my age (35 at time of writing this) I grew up with the myths and legends about the "restrictions" of the female body (and mind!) I remember at school being forced to perform press ups on my knees instead of the full variety due to "the female body not being designed to carry weight". Pff.. you try carrying a small human around for 5 years mate and then tell me that?! I remember being forced to bowl 'underarm' when playing cricket at school.. just simply because I was a girl. I remember being told lifting weights would make me look like a man. I remember how this upset my teenage self.

Fast forward 25 odd years and here I am. Proving the flaws in that thinking. And while it took only a short while to realise the benefits and joys of lifting weights, it took me a whole lot longer to get to feel confident enough to walk into a busy weight room full of men and pump iron without fear. I understand all too well how nerve wracking this can be for women, I understand the doubts and fears that go through our minds. So this is why I work with women..

I want you to feel comfortable, I want your confidence to grow as well as your body. Coaching is a two way relationship. I want you to understand why you are doing the things in your plan, rather than prescribing it and leaving you to it. I want you to experience the power of walking into a gym with your head held high like an equal and I want you to not only fall in love with this magical little machine of a body, but feel empowered, excited and interested enough to start make your own informed decisions around the direction of your training and nutrition. Then I want you to follow your dreams and aim as high as your imagination can take you.

Much more than this though, I'd like to inspire women to become ambassadors and inspire other women to be stronger, empowered and educated.

This is also why 10% of every sale goes towards women's charities - like Wonder Foundation


Strong women for stronger women. That's what it's all about. 



Leonie West
Coach, Geek, Woman who lifts


Wonder Foundation

Is a wonderful charity working towards a future where women and girls are empowered to make informed life choices, where development is achieved through sustainable, quality education leading to professional employment.  If you'd like to donate directly, please just click the button above