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Beyonce wasn’t built in a day
— Julius Ceasar AD49
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Summer Bodies - are made in Winter

Lifting might be my first love, but it doesn't have to be yours with this fully customised 12 week online coaching and plan. Get ready for summer with training that can be done either at home or in the gym, to suit your lifestyle. With nutrition coaching, meal plan options, and full support. If you are a lifter though - sure we can do that too. 

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Badass Bespoke and Monthly Plans

Hey you badass lifting babes! I do customised training and nutrition for you too. Plans are completely bespoke, tailored to your level of lifting, your level of commitment, level of support required and any supplementary needs (Social Media coaching, personal branding), and so pricing is as bespoke as your coaching and plan. 

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Join Team Lioness on Stage - Coming Soon

No-one puts baby in the corner.. and no-one gets left out of Team Lioness. Whether you want to be a full blown Lioness with Prep, Posing & Social Media Coaching, or if you've got some of this covered elsewhere and want to join the awesomeness as an affiliate Lioness. Then just like Sonny and Cher.. I got you babe.

We are social animals.

People do better when they are supported. They flourish around people with similar mindsets and ethics, and they tend to reach their goals more consistently and in a happier state when working as part of a group.

I'm ALL for this.

I give discounts on my coaching and plans for groups.

The bigger the group, the bigger the discount. 

Grab your girls and start building your tribe today.







...Where are you?

We are small but we are mighty.

There are cities and oceans between us - but we are in this together.

We are truly online.

We are a team.

So join us wherever In the world you are..!