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Posing Coaching

Posing Coaching for NPC/IFBB Bikini & Wellness Competitors

Unlock the art of confident, standout posing with my personalized coaching sessions, available both in Croydon and online. Posing isn't just a routine—it's your moment to shine and reveal your unique personality to the judges. I'm Leonie West, your dedicated posing coach with a passion for showcasing your individuality on stage. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned athlete, my 1:1 sessions, packages, and group classes cater to your needs, ensuring you stand out from the competition in the UK and internationally.

Session Structure for Beginners*:

*This is intended to be a guide and can vary from athlete to athlete

Session 1:

Master the standard poses for your federation and receive advice on mobility exercises to enhance your posing endurance.

Session 2: 

Recap standard poses, receive additional coaching for refinement, and focus on seamless transitions between poses.

Session 3: 

Craft a captivating walk (I or T depending on federation), incorporating a signature "sassy walk" that complements your style.

Session 4: 

Polish mandatory poses, refine your walk, and run through comprehensive show layouts, ensuring confidence in every aspect of your performance.

Recommended Frequency:

For beginners, 4-8 sessions are typically required for stage readiness, with a discounted package available for a block of 4 sessions.

Session Structure for Experienced Posers:

Session 1: 

Review mandatory poses, analyze judges' feedback from previous shows, assess body composition, and identify areas for improvement.

Session 2:

Implement tweaks to mandatory poses based on feedback, incorporating flexibility and mobility drills to enhance performance.

Session 3: 

Fine-tune flow, work on timing, and refresh routine to maintain a dynamic and captivating stage presence.

Session 4: 

Polish mandatory poses, perfect your walk, and run through show mock-ups to ensure readiness for various scenarios during competitions.

Note: The number and frequency of sessions may vary for each athlete based on individual needs.

Why Choose Posing Coaching?

Elevate your stage presence, gain confidence, and showcase your hard-earned physique with personalized posing coaching. Learn not only the moves but also the art of commanding attention and leaving a lasting impression on the judges. Whether you're stepping onto the stage for the first time or refining your skills, let me guide you to bring out your best.

  • 8 x 30 min Posing

    Valid for 8 months
    • 30 Min Online Posing
  • 4 x 30 Min Online Posing

    4 x 30 Min Online Posing Sessions
    Valid for 6 months
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    Posing Workshops

    Interested in hosting or joining a posing workshop? Drop me some details here and I'll get back to you xx

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