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Best Bikini's in the business - Bikini BKB by Bikini Mama

She only went and did it again didn’t she?!

If there’s one thing just as important as the package you bring to the stage - it’s the bikini you wear on it.

It’s the “wedding dress” moment of competition prep.

And just like your wedding dress you want your bikini to be just as bespoke, beautiful and completely tailored to you. And in all honesty I don’t know anyone who does it as well as Kat (aka - Bikini Mama).

Kat has been making my bikini’s for years, as for my clients and team. For good reason, every bikini is a lovingly, hand-crafted piece of competition couture. We’re not just talking about the diamantes and bling here - but the quality and fit is outstanding. These are sturdy, well-made bikini’s that will last for seasons - I know, because I have worn mine over and over again, each time looking as fresh and new as the last.

The fit too - is not just a mere “made to measure”, each show I have done, when it’s time to procure a new bikini, Kat has taken on board my last stage look, and advised on a slightly fresh fit - more shaping to expose more lat, more padding on the bra, or a slightly different cut on the back to show off my glutes better..

..And I’m not even at the stage anymore where I really go in with a specific colour either, I go in with idea’s and she looks at my current hair, complexion, takes into account the anticipated backdrop and lighting of the stages I’m about to grace, and along with looking at her current orders and trying to ensure we bring something slightly different to the other girls on stage, will tailor my thoughts on colour to these considerations and come up with something unique - that every time blows my tiny prep-addled mind!

So I wanted to share with you my latest bikini. I’ve taken a few years off the stage and wanted something really special for my big come back. And boy did she deliver.

You might recognise the gawjuss lady on the left - Ashley Kaltwasser (Ms Bikini Olympia x3 and possibly the most successful Bikini Athlete to have ever lived). Well, when I asked Bikini Mama advice on what colour suit I should wear this year, and when she came back with Green, well I knew exactly what I wanted to go for and sent her the picture on the left, we discussed it right down to me wanting the ever so slightly subtle turquoise blue stones flecking in the centre and dark ombre.. and then Kat added more padding this time and a pro-cut bottom to show off my new improved glutes..

..and voila - this is the result.

I cried my eyes out when it arrived

Two first places and overall’s later (Amateur Arnold UK and Amateur Olympia Italy) and I think it’s safe to say this was one hell of a look.

As said - I would not trust anyone else to make my bikini’s - and I don’t think you should either! So give her website a look if you are in the market for a new suit.

You won’t be disappointed.

Much love

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