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Thanks so much for taking the time to look around my site!

2022 was a huge year for me, in terms of growing as an athlete, growing my business and of course.. finally winning my IFBB Pro Card, after 5 years of extremely hard work. The work doesn't stop there however, and in 2023 I hope to make my IFBB Bikini PRO DEBUT, in Europe, and circumstances willing.. the US. I also hope to bring you along on that journey, as well as continuing to educate and empower and expanding my content across all channels.

This however will be an expensive and also time consuming journey, which also unfortunately puts a limit on the amount of clients I am able to take on without losing any quality of service for them.


From Bikinis, to Posing Shoes, Hair & Makeup, Show entry, Travel & Accommodation, Food and Supplements.. there is a lot to be organised.. so if you are interested in Sponsoring me and my journey in some small way (and be featured across my channels).. I would love to hear from you!

For official Sponsorship & Partnership enquiries, please reach out to me at

If however, you are merely a visitor of my site or a consumer of my content - like my vibe, content and what I am about, and would also like to help out in some small way..  you can make a donation of any amount, however small below.. to help me continue to make great content, share my journey and provide value to all you amazing ladies.

Thanks so much again for stopping by my site! I appreciate every click, view and share.

Much love

Athlete, Coach.. Gym Dork xx

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